ICEdu(c) for K12 Schools

ICEdu(c) for K12 Schools

We believe that not only the smart and high IQ children should or can be succeed but rather that anyone getting the right kind of education can become a successful and high performing student while they also have fun in playgrounds with thermoplastic playground markings. It is the right of every student to be able to do well in academics and latter have the choice of job or owning a business. It is our responsibility to students with the right tools and knowledge.

Why Innovation?

The world exhausted all ceilings of science / technology and discoveries utilization and everybody have access to all above. The only differentiator for the competitiveness is new things “i.e. INNOVATION” so our approach to children is that they have fun and that’s why softplay areas from are important for us.

Why Creativity?

Innovation needs new unprecedented ideas. The cheapest resource we have in this earth is the human mind. all you need is to switch it ON to create new ideas “i.e. CREATIVITE THINKING”

Why Entrepreneurship?

SME’s makes strong economies (more employability & more diversification). … Start-ups are the seeds for SMEs. Entrepreneurship (Practices, Ecosystem, Skills, etc .. ) brings better Start-ups.

School challenges in finding solution

  • Curriculum changes is a long process
  • School time is limited
  • Teachers busy in their basic educational mandates
  • Students & parents can’t give time after school

Innovative Solution

  • Approach to educate students the real life Innovation & Entrepreneurship principles & practices …
  • While keeping existing curriculum
  • During same school time
  • Organically injected in same class rooms
  • Fun & in the language of the age
  • Just enough dosage for the grade

Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship in schools K12

  • same curriculum
  • same school time
  • same school classes
  • same school subjects
  • same teachers


  • specific to every subject
  • teachers guided system
  • Fun
  • real life matters
  • culture tailored
  • culture independent