SME Innovation bundle(c)

SME Innovation bundle(c)

The SME Innovation bundle from INNOVABIA is what any start-up and SME needs for competitiveness and survival in tough markets and in tough times. Why settle for being an SME while you can be an Innovative SME and MORE? Though INNOVABIA’s tools and techniques a culture of innovation is integrated within the organization. This culture is a self-nourishing mechanism and seeps in to all levels of the SME from the top to the bottom. We feel each individual weather a top level employee or a worker has the ability to grow and become more innovative, adopt innovative approaches and thereby become more productive employees.


We serve the SME sector through a special packaged program called “SME innovation Bundle”. This is like all in one packaged solution. We provide all what is needed for SMEs to get into the zones of excellence far away from others. Business success require proper business management yet every portion need some innovative touch and this is what this program about. Traditional business management practices can be learned or exported from any place yet not every business practice has the dedicated innovative knowledge that we have.

SME Bundle is a special offer only for some eligible SME Organizations.

NNOVABIA provides extremely tailored and customized SME Bundle services best suited for your specific needs. The SME Bundle has been specially formulated for those organizations which support full SME segment in certain industries. Our SME Innovation Bundle offers training in Strategy, Training, Tool and training in keeping the Innovation Cycle turning. Please contact us for more information.