Who we are

From its inception in 2008 INNOVABIA has been the premier knowledge management organization dedicated to services in the field of Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation.
As part of a holding company with 20 years in business of Knowledge management and its concomitant services INNOVABIA has twelve offices spanning from Casablanca to Dubai. Starting as the first dedicated Innovation service company in the Middle East, INNOVABIA, headquartered at (UAE), Dubai, Knowledge Village, has grown into the finest entrepreneurship and innovation expert in MENA region.

What We Do

We serve economies through entreprenersurship and Innovation. We make these two words something tangible and achievable through practical practices.

New World challenges can’t be solved by old ways. At INNOVABIA, we are in the business of making Entrepreneurship and Innovation happen with 100% efficacy, while focusing on bringing real & tangible values to the world. INNOVABIA’s business space spans across all sectors, from Entrepreneurship centers to National Policy making centers that supports Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The world can be better with improved Entrepreneurial businesses and superior innovations.  INNOVABIA takes up the challenge to help you to think differently.  We help you to take the initiative to find and adopt new and innovative ways is the role of the entrepreneurs during difficult and competitive economic times.

On the other hand and at the innovation front, existing organizations need to adapt if they are going to survive. Innovation is particularly important at such times. We turn innovation from a fuzzy term with little importance, ownership and accountability into a driving force for change toward achieving breakthroughs for the business.

Scientific evidence confirms that Innovation and Creativity can be enhanced and stimulated. Experts in the field of Business Innovation corroborate that “Systematic Innovation” achieved through proper tested methodologies is far more effective than “Accidental Innovation”.

INNOVABIA helps organizations attain optimum potential by providing machinery for “Systematic Innovation”.