Consulting Division

Consulting Services

Our consulting services spans our focus areas Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Innovation and Excellence. Entrepreneurship consulting services helps all organizations mandated to promote or support entrepreneurship in all possible ways within the country and societies. We have all the knowledge needed. We have the proper tools and expertise to make entrepreneurship highly succeed. Our consulting goes beyond advises and bleaching, we bring workable approaches that make entrepreneurship a sustainable matter within the DNA of the society.

Through the Innovation consulting services we help you forecast the future trends and challenges and prepare you to address them effectively by taking calculated and informed risks, as well as my providing the right tools to instill within the organization the most important ingredient for success- A SELF CHARGING CULTURE OF INNOVATION.

Similarly, our consulting for Incubation will help all types of incubators succeed in their missions through proper handling to entrepreneurship from within the incubator. We have the right knowledge to give to incubators in the practices successful incubators do. We shorten the road to success for these incubators.

The role of our Excellence Consultancy services is to work with organization in various sectors to improve their performance and achieve their business goals successfully through quality and Excellence practices. INNOVABIA’s Consultancy services are not just to enhance performance but also to prepare the organization to excel by responding appropriately to new challenges.