SME Clinic


SME Clinic © is dedicated for troubled companies or companies who are facing problems and looks exhausted from challenges and are categorized to be in need of some external help.

The SMEClinic© program will make a proper diagnosis of the SME illness and will make all kinds of analytical checks for the whole company body to allow identifying the proper medication or treatment. The program does three things in three steps:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Analytical checks
  3. Medication/Treatment

Specialized and experienced experts start the process of making the diagnosis for the troubled company. Experts identifies the right reasons for the company illness and they put their finger on the right spots of the SME company illness.

Based on the diagnosis several in depth checks will be recommended so that the deeper knowledge of the illness will be identified and with higher accuracy. This is like taking laboratory test in the medical field.

Experts will be back to review the results of the analytical checks and out of their experience will recommend the right treatments and medications needed for the SME company to come back to a healthy status.