Education Division

Education Division

The reality is that the educational system either at Schools (in K12) or at higher education is under huge criticism in the last two or three decades. The way graduates are coming to the market is not sufficient in the modern time we live in.  The market needs more qualified work force. The market wants more ready resources to bring innovative products to the market. Economies want more small enterprises and more people who are self-employed.

We at Innovabia believe that everybody must try to help the educational system bring more ready students to the market. Currently the efforts in this direction are extremely minimum negligible. We have taken the brave step toward capitalizing on our knowledge and experience to bring two products to serve the educational system which needs Practical learning solutions where we discuss the pros and cons of home schooling and nursery when it comes to early learning, in such cases these Beginners Tips to Play the Guitar have great results. Installing playground markings can also provide students a fun, engaging, and safe playtime experience. According to articles such as, well-constructed playgrounds can help initiate imaginative play, encourage different learning styles and extend learning beyond the classroom.



The first product is called ICEdu(c) which is for the K12 Schools an award winning by GESS Award 2014 for it’s unique product ICE (Innovation Curriculum For Entrepreneurship for Grade 1-12).

The second product is for the higher education and called EduPrenuership(c). A three credit educational curriculum for preparatory year students. EduPrenuership(c) helps prepare higher education students for real entrepreneurial life and boost the knowledge economy through its Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum, Scalable curriculum for teaching Entrepreneurship in the higher education institutes, Universities, Polytechnics, Vocational schools and similar institutes. We believe in providing a Curriculum that starts from planning real Life and career based on higher dreams than just a job.