DropIdea(c) is the master tool for ideation. DropIdea@SME is a dedicated version for SME companies.

INNOVABIA provides the most pragmatic and appropriate tools to all industries. We also provide you with the innovation tools needed to overcomes overcome growth obstacles. Our tools will teach you how to capture, develop, protect and commercialize new innovative ideas. Equipped with these tools you continue to stay one step ahead of the competition; you continue to increase profits and you continue to create new markets and segments.

Finding an Ideas for your innovation is one thing and managing the whole process of innovation including selecting the best idea is another thing. Idea Management and Innovation management is not an easy thing to do with just our personal effort and the aid from a software tool is necessary.

DropIdea© is our own software that we provide to our clients to make the innovation process an easy and successful one.

The main purpose of idea software is generating ideas is to aid innovation. Companies need comprehensive and user-friendly software that effectively manages the innovation process from idea generation to implementation. Benefits of such software are improved overall productivity and, therefore, revenue.