Tools Division

Tools Division

In some cases, there is a need to get the help of certain tool to implement adequately some innovation, Entrepreneurship or Incubation exercises. We do cooperate with some partners who have a useful tool that we believe our clients will benefit from. In other cases we develop or plan to develop our own tools.

For Innovation, Incubation and SME programs we provide DROPIDEA© our ideation and collaboration software. dropidea@free , dropidea@startup and dropidea@SME are different versions for each different segment need. For corporate we have also a version of dropidea@corp. The corporates do have also a special tool for excellence and is called EasyExcellence.

For Entrepreneurship, we have the SMEToolkits(c) that makes a good educational platform for all entrepreneurs.

For Startups, we have StartupsToolkits(c) that provide resources for entrepreneurs in their start-up adventure.

INNOVATION is the only common thing between the ancient craftsmen, industrial time in the 20th century, our current information age and the whole future in the 21st century. In today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive local, regional and global market place, one has to be continually innovate or be left behind. At INNOVABIA, we specialize in providing right tools to all industries with the innovation training needed to overcome today’s biggest  survival and growth obstacles.