Training Academy

Training Academy

Weather we talk about entrepreneurship, Incubation, Innovation, SME or Corporate Excellence, our Training academy will fulfill the needs of these areas of focus. This makes INNOVABIA unique in the market. We are not a training center, so we just train on what we are the best at.

In general, our highly pragmatic course helps you address effectively all the future and present challenges. Our world class Creative Thinking Techniques ensures you gain enhanced Innovative skills, inculcate basic skills in Idea management and become knowledgeable in basic Innovation Practices. Our Techniques Will Help You Learn

  • Tools for quick and effective thinking
  • Generating New Ideas fast and easy
  • Analyzing ability to choose which Ideas Work

Another sets of training targets Incubation and Entrepreneurship centers. We train both entrepreneurs as well as experts and specialist whom are supposed to operate and manage these centers and incubation programs.